What to See in Prague? The Most Beautiful Library in the World, Of Course!

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image by LuizLouisLuix

It is easy to see why the Klementinum Library is named the most beautiful library in the world. Located in Prague, Czech Republic, this majestic library is among the remaining well-preserved examples of Baroque architecture.


image from klementinum.com

From floors to the ceilings, everything is filled with opulent details that can leave any looker, not to mention, book lover, breathless.

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Opened in 1722, the Klementinim is officially the National Library of the Czech Republic and is also part of the Jesuit University. For centuries, the books and interiors remain well-preserved.


This place should definitely be in the bucket list of any book lover or enthusiast of Baroque architecture. More than just the books, the paintings add to the visual delight of any visitor of this place.