4 Ways Traveling the World Will Change Your Life

World travel is not a hobby, but a learning experience that develops the fullness of who we are as individuals. Here are the top 4 ways traveling the world will change your life, and the reasons you should be planning your next trip right now:

1. Traveling teaches you about humanity.

When you travel the world, you will meet people who are very different than you. The way they live, the things they believe, and the experiences they share will be unlike anything that you’ve encountered in your own life. Meeting others who have lived completely different lives, yet still laugh, smile, and love the same way you do is a powerful lesson in how all people are united in sharing the human experience. With a world population of people in the billions, of whom not one is exactly like another, this is one of the most valuable things you can learn and apply to your life. The ability to see humanity in those who are very different from yourself is something you will use every day.

2. Traveling broadens your perspective of yourself.

You can chow down on a food you never imagined yourself eating. You can climb a mountain you never thought you had the strength to do. You can navigate a huge foreign city alone and learn bits and pieces of a language you’ve never heard before. No matter what you begin with or where you go, world travel will empower you to realize how strong, adaptable, and resilient you are by design.

3. Travel is humbling.

Whether you stand before the ocean imagining how far it is to the other side or walk down the street of a city you could have never imagined, world travel is the perfect reminder of how small we are in the world, and how little knowledge we carry with us. When we travel, we are reminded that the world doesn’t revolve around us. Traveling helps us grow bigger by reminding us of how small we actually are.

4. Traveling keeps you from getting stuck in a rut.

How many of us spend most of our waking lives working at the same place, see the same people all the time, and do the same things all the time, down to grabbing coffee at the same shop every morning? Having a routine can be a good thing, but we all need to get away from it once in awhile. Taking time off from life regularly to travel will keep you from getting stuck in the daily grind, allowing you to return more focused. Nobody grows up wanting to spend their entire life in the same chair, in the same office. Traveling teaches us to enjoy and make the most of every moment. People who travel regularly do not feel trapped by their lives.

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